Thursday, December 11, 2008


I'm rounding third, running for home, I can see the finish line, I'm in the final push.
I'm 29.
The last year of my 20's.
Isn't that awesome! And you know what else is awesome?
This bouquet that was delivered last week:
Orchids. Which is especially exciting to me, because we are going back to Hawaii next summer. This bouquet is like a little taste. Like an appetizer.
I love getting flowers delivered, because they aren't blooming yet. These ones were all little pods, and I wasn't even sure what kind of flowers they would be. Now, one by one, they're slowly opening.
This one looks like it's going to eat me if I get too close.
"A little closer, my pretty."

And what's this here, behind this leaf?

A white one! I can just imagine the thought that went into this bouquet, "What would be the best flowers to send to our pure, sweet, innocent, precious little friend?" and let me say, I really appreciate the effort. I think exotic, white, beautiful, expensive, deliciously smelling flowers are perfect for me. And the bouquet is really gorgeous. Blooming slowly over the week, I've taken these few pictures, and if the sun would ever come out around here, then maybe I could show you it's full glory, but the forecast doesn't look promising. I'll just have to enjoy them with my family until then.

The only problem is...

Does anyone know the Batz family?

Just kidding. She's the singer from KATATAK, the air band I played synthesizer for in high school.

(thanks Cal.)


Heatherlyn Colt said...

You take excellent pictures!

Callie said...

Did you know Katatak is the same backwards and forwards? I think it's genius, and I'm glad the flowers are blooming for you! I told them they better, or else I'd go Batz on 'em, and they didn't want that. Happy bday!!

Nathan S said...

Those are some really nice pictures. Happy Birthday!