Sunday, November 16, 2008


On our recent trip in Massachusetts, we accidentally went the wrong direction on a turnpike. Nice. Rather than back track, we decided to pull out our handy gps system (also known as a bare bones google map and Sjauna's inherent sense of direction) and see if we could find an alternate route to our destination (we actually toured a few "scenic routes" on our trip by this method). I was so glad we did. A few miles from Concord, we happened upon Walden Pond. Walden has a special place in my heart for several reasons that can't be enumerated in a blog post, but it does. Maybe I'll move there and write a book about it one day, but for now you'll just have to trust me. I didn't realize that it was so close to Concord, and so when making a rough list of things to do on our trip, it got left out, but I was so happy to stumble upon it that crisp autumn morning. With other things to see and do, we only spent about twenty minutes there, but we took a little stroll along the edge, played in the sand, skipped rocks, and just enjoyed the serenity of it all.


...tried to skip rocks.

Showin' 'em how it's done.
I never knew my husband could skip rocks so well. Although, it doesn't surprise me, he's good at everything (not that I'm biased).
How could you not be inspired in a place like this?


The Bradley's said...

Wow! Aren't you glad you got lost? Actually, my dad doesn't believe in lost, he says we just don't know exactly where we are right now. Nice, dad. I would love to visit Walden Pond. Was that one of your favorite talks this conference or what?

Callie said...

Good to know for when we do our trip! :) It is so perfect. I'm inspired just looking at your pictures. I could just imagine..

Heatherlyn Colt said...

Beautiful pictures. I would LOVE to go to Walden Pond. That is sooo very cool.