Monday, October 20, 2008

Road Trip New England: Make Way for Duckling!

We began Day Two of our road trip in Boston's Public Garden, the proud home of Mr. and Mrs. Mallard from Robert McCloskey's Make Way for Ducklings and, for a short time, Louis in E.B. White's The Trumpet of the Swan. Something I learned about New England when I was doing some research for our trip, was that it is really a great place to visit year round. There is something to do there in every season. Unfortunately, that means that you can't see it all in one trip, like we were hoping to do. We were really excited to visit during the fall to see a lot of color in the trees (which hadn't reached south eastern New England by early October, by the way), but I was disappointed to discover on the elevator ride up from our parking spot beneath the Boston Common that the Swan Boats in the Public Garden had been stored away for the season. I had really been looking forward to a little paddle around the lagoon (At least I had the foresight to keep it a surprise for the kids, in case it didn't work out, so they weren't disappointed.). I guess we'll just have to go back in the summer. And in the winter for some freshly tapped maple syrup. Yum. And I'm sure we could find something there in the spring... Maybe we should just move there. I did love Boston...
Anyway, the Garden was beautiful. There were a lot of weeping willows. I love weeping willows. And even though we couldn't ride on the lagoon, we enjoyed a little stroll around the lagoon, some duck/goose/swan watching (you aren't supposed to feed them), and playing on the world's smallest suspension bridge. Fun fun fun!

Speaking of Louis... isn't that him, right there?

Watching the geese.

Talking to the geese. "Hi little gooses. C'm'ere goosey goosey."


Callie and Grant Lippard said...

How fun! Good thinking with the foresight thing. A good idea for me to log away. How long was your trip anyway, I didn't know you went. Sounds like so much fun. We are looking forward to visiting Cape Cod with Grant's dad who grew up there... someday..

AZangl said...

Sjauna!!! How are you? Where are you now? Not Hawaii anymore? I only hear about you from Calli now and then. I'm spying on you from your blog to learn all about what you've been up to...Steve updates our blog (so not very updated) but here it is (