Friday, October 31, 2008

Picking Pumpkins

As always, our rule at the pumpkin patch is that you can get the biggest pumpkin you want as long as you can lift it. This year Evie was a little overwhelmed by her surroundings (cold wind, a strange dog that was following us, and a tiny bug that she may or may not have seen), so she had a hard time touching the pumpkin, let alone trying to reach under and hug it.
With a little help though...She got a pretty big pumpkin!

Owen usually starts out optimistically...
that's more like it.
(He tried to take this little green one home, but we encouraged him to try a little harder and he ended up with a big orange one too. And by the way, something I didn't think about when we made the "you have to be able to lift it" rule was that the bigger our kids get, the bigger their pumpkins are, and that means more pounds weighing in at the counter. Four big orange pumpkins set us back a pretty penny this year! But they sure were fun to carve!)
Evie's getting physically coordinated enough to hold my camera up and snap a picture with it. What do you think?
Costume photos coming soon!
(if I can get out and take some this afternoon. :)


The Bradley's said...

Way to go Evie! That's an awesome picture! Looks like she'll be following in your photographic footsteps. I hope no one steals your pumpkins! No one has taken our big ones, maybe they are too lazy and just wanted little ones. Sheesh.

Callie and Grant Lippard said...

I think that picture with evie and the pumpkin is the cutest picture of her i have ever seen, and I love the one with you and dave. You look so beautiful and so happy! Such wonderful fall pictures. Grant and I want to come out east for fall next year. I am having him take the time off now for thanksgiving time rather than like 4 weeks around christmas.

Clint and Emily said...

Evie's a great photographer! So did Owen go with the green pumpkin?

Aaron and Melissa said...

SUCH cute pictures. The kids are always cute, but it is fun to see you and Dave too--what a cute picture of you two. We miss you guys.