Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Cupcakes!: So Cupcake

A little more shabby on the outside than the others, you've gotta at least love that fluorescent sign in the window, "So Open"
Don't let the out of the way location and maintenance lacking store front keep you away, these cupcakes were by far my favorite! (Besides, it kind of reminds me of the way "real bakeries" used to look when I was a kid. None of this fancy schmancy strip mall boutique-y stuff.) Created by a couple inspired by their daughter with cerebral palsy to "kindle the sweetness of life in other people and in their relationships", the cupcakes are moist, flavorful, and delectable (okay, I don't normally say delectable, but I feel like I'm overusing delicious these days, and really these are better than delicious anyway).
What I got: Four mini cupcakes, $1.25 each, and one dozen regular size cupcakes for $26 (I was taking these back to my Mom's to share, for the record).

What I learned: They do birthdays! $7.00 per child and you get a tour of the place and a cupcake to decorate! Also, check out the very extensive list of cake flavors, frosting flavors, colors, decor, etc. on their website to make your own cupcakes! As if their mouthwatering combinations aren't already enough!

Look at those cupcakes. It's enough to make me want to work there.

So simple. So cute.

Hello cupcakes. I love you.

Now, this is where it gets a little complicated. Because they mix and match cakes and flavors, we're going to have to rely on my memory to figure out some of these. Wish me luck...

Irrationally in Love (top left, strawberry cake with strawberry butter cream frosting and hot pink sanding sugar. I love the sanding sugar. I though the cake could have been a little more strawberry-y.)

So Cozy Cinnamon and Sugar (cinnamon and sugar cake and cinnamon butter cream frosting. cinnamon butter cream frosting? brilliant.)

This green one doesn't have a cool name (vanilla cake with key lime frosting. moist vanilla cake and yummy lime-y frosting! this and the lemon (see below) were my favorite non-chocolate selections.)

This amazing cupcake doesn't have a cool name either (another hostess cupcake look alike. I have to admit that I am a little biased when it comes to hostess cupcakes. I ate them regularly during both of my pregnancies. more often than I'm willing to admit. so, it's not surprising that this was my favorite. much better than a regular hostess cupcake, and even better than the gourmet version at Vanilla Bake Shop. now I know I can't get pregnant again. I don't think we could afford a nine month supply of these.)

Starry Starry Night Vanilla (vanilla cake, (blue) butter cream frosting. simple. moist. delicious.)

Coco Delight (dark chocolate cake topped with milk chocolate butter cream frosting and mini chocolate chips. if only I had the culinary vocabulary to describe this. let's just say that this is the ultimate chocolate cupcake.)

Another no name (chocolate brownie cake, I think, with strawberry butter cream frosting, drizzled with ganache. brownie and ganache on the same cupcake? I knew I loved it before I tried it. and sweeten it up with a little strawberry? it didn't disappoint.)

Studmuffin Blueberry (blueberry cake, violet butter cream frosting - I love all their colors!, and fresh blueberries. those fresh blueberries really add the perfect touch to the mild sweetness of the cupcake. it reminds me of something off of a Strawberry Shortcake cartoon.)

No name, but can you guess? (carrot cake with cream cheese frosting. the cake was fantastic and for someone who isn't a fan of cream cheese frosting, the frosting was tolerable.)

So High the Moon Lemon (vanilla cake, lemon butter cream frosting. nice and lemon-y. I love a little citrus kick, and this frosting had it! well-balanced with sweet vanilla cake.)

Another strawberry one? (dark chocolate cake with strawberry butter cream frosting and mini chocolate chips. I much prefer this to the strawberry cake. yum!)

I can't figure out what the last one is. (I think I've done pretty well, but this one's not on the list, and I don't remember it. I think it was vanilla cake with milk chocolate frosting, and I love their vanilla cake and their milk chocolate frosting, so I'm going to go out on a limb and say it was delicious! a classic combination.)

I also tried a mini Hanky Panky Red Velvet (not shown. red velvet cake, vanilla butter cream frosting. I'll just say I wasn't converted to red velvet cake.)

This trip was Mommies only, so Amy had to be my model here with the mini cream filled cupcake (Yum again!!!). Thanks Amy!

Sorry, she wouldn't let me take a picture of her eating it.

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adventure knitter said...

Hey! I thought my face wasn't supposed to be in the picture at all! What the sac! Those cupcakes were good....but next time I'm only going to get the mini ones...the big ones were a little too much for me.