Wednesday, July 09, 2008

My Baby is Three! (and What Happened to the Cake)

Yesterday morning we had to wake Owen up a little early. It was his turn for our traditional birthday treasure/clue hunt thing, and Dave wanted to be there for it.

Good Morning Owen!
(he should be glad that his birthday was on a Tuesday instead of a day when Dave had to leave at 5:30 in the morning)

It took quite a bit of coaching to get to the first couple of clues.
Maybe because he was half asleep, or maybe because he is only three.

Picking up speed.

"It's Mom's closet!" Now we're getting it. (and for the record: I have no idea why he referred to the closet that Dave and I share as "Mom's closet". None.)


Lincoln Logs. Yeah baby.

He built this all by himself. Genius.
Okay, so I built it, and he disassembled it all by himself. Genius.

This was a great little Seek and Find puzzle. So much fun AND educational!

And for those of you who were jealous of last year's pony cake that I made for Evelynn... wait, what am I saying "those of you who were jealous"? I mean, for those of you who saw Evelynn's pony cake... I do not cease to impress:

We were trying to make it look like he was wearing it.


(oh, and that's right... this is the burned cake. So, either a) you can't burn a store bought cake mix or b) slightly overcooked is perfect for making pirate hat birthday cakes. Either way, thanks again to Family Fun for the easiest cake ever! since I couldn't find a cool one at the store to buy.)

(and this is his face while we are singing Happy Birthday)

Happy Birthday Owen!


Callie and Grant Lippard said...

I love how there are 8000 links to your princesses and ponies post. Are you trying to show off your so called pony cake or something? I'm on to you. I have since thought back to that "pony" cake and had myself a bellowing laugh and I just finally figured out why it hit so close to home (hint-wings).

Sjauna said...

Don't be jealous.

Heather said...

I'm jealous!

Love the post! I think we'll have to jock your style and do the birthday scavenger that a family tradition? It's so cool! :)

adventure knitter said...

I love the seek-and-find puzzle! Where did you get that? His cake is totally cute too! I'm disappointed in myself for not doing cool cakes this year. It's crazy to think that it's been 3 years since we went to your apt to meet little Owen...

Robinson Duo said...

Way cute cake. Our kids are growing up way to fast!

Jason said...

Awesome cake!