Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Going Back to Cali: Day Three

Is this trip getting long for you? Don't worry. Only one more day in California, and then on to Utah, where you'll see things like cows and mountains! Aren't you excited?!
First let me say, how when I travel alone that I think I can do everything by myself. It's probably because I have been blessed with great friends and family that happen to be around when I need help, so I just think I am doing everything myself. I noticed this especially on day one of our trip when I had to get nine armfuls of stuff from the airport to the off site rental car company, and again on day three when I had to check out of the hotel by myself and get all the same stuff loaded into the car. Two of those armfuls have their own legs, which helps, and thankfully, strangers have had enough tact to smile politely to my face and wait until I'm gone to talk about how crazy I am.
Anyway, so day three ended our mini vacation as we checked out of the hotel and headed north for the wedding. We picked up my brother, Mike, in town from Texas, and made the just over an hour drive to my Mom's house. We arrived just in time to get changed and go take pictures. Here are some pictures I took from the sidelines.
Evelynn and Melissa
(Don't they look beautiful?)
(sorry about the planter - like I said, I was on the sidelines)
Evie and Owen with Grandma Rowe (my Mom)
We had only been at the house for half an hour, and Owen's shirt was untucked, he had crawled with a little car on the sidewalk getting his knees dirty, and he had sat and played in the dirt, getting his back side dirty. We still had the whole wedding and reception to make it through. I was just thankful he hadn't jumped in the pool.
Here is my Mom leading my brother, Aaron out to the wedding party. He hadn't seen Melissa in her dress yet, so they covered his eyes and brought him outside.
Aaaawwwww.... look at him just resisting the urge to reach out and hug her.
There he goes. Careful for the flowers! and watch the hair!
Happy pictures!

This is Aaron laying down the law to his almost brother-in-law, who was apparently misbehaving.
Look at this happy couple! They've been waiting a long time for this! Somewhere around three years I think.
Evie was such a good flower girl. They recommended that I rent her out. Any takers?
Those from my family that could make it.
L to R: my step-dad Greg, my Mom, she's holding my nephew Landon (Aaron and Melissa's little boy wearing a cute little tux), my Mom's brother Dave, my Dad's sister Karna and her husband Rick, Owen, yours truly, my brother Mike from Texas (his wife and little boy couldn't make it), then down low we have Evie, and my Dad's mom Grandma Barbara.
My brother James and my step-brother Ryan were also there, but they were in the wedding party, so they were out taking more wedding photos.
Alright, now that we've got that all over with... time to party!
Owen found the favors first thing and got all chocolatey.

Then he went out and found himself this adorable little girl to dance with.
Evie was having a different kind of party.
(don't worry it's only Martinelli's, and please never show her this picture.)
(and if you think I'm a bad Mom, I won't mention the pictures of Owen trying to pour himself a drink with the big green bottle)
Evie found herself a dance partner too.
(this is my brother, James)

He even taught her to YMCA.

What a great day! I love weddings! Thanks Aaron and Melissa for the party! and Congratulations! I am so excited for you!

As things finally started to wind down around eleven, I rounded up my tired little gang and went back to crash at Grandma's house. What a great trip this has been!


adventure knitter said...

I'm glad you wore your magic dress! What a beautiful bride! In the first picture the bride looks like you...are you sure you didn't play a little dress up??

Callie and Grant Lippard said...

I'm sure you looked spanktastic!

Aaron & Melissa said...

The Aaron and Melissa thing is a little weird for me...I guess it goes though! :) Evie and Owen looked adorable, and I agree with Amy about you looking like the bride! You looked so pretty...I loved the blue dress! Can't wait to hang out when you get back! Hang in there.