Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Here We Go Loopty Loo

Evelynn culminated her dance year at a long, er... big recital last week. Thankfully some friends were able to watch Owen (and contract pink eye - I am seriously so sorry!!!), because after a long and complicated year for the program, I ended up being a class mom. With Dave unable to attend, I never would have been able to watch Owen and corral eight three and four year olds.
Another class mom brought snacks for the girls, so I brought these little magna doodle toys. As entertaining as dance recitals are... things can start getting monotonous for me after an hour and a half or two hours - oh, I'm sorry, did I say me? I meant three year olds.
Here are our little Loopty Loos dancing to Here We Go Loopty Loo. Evie is in the middle shuffling-stepping away.

And everybody vogue vogue vogue.

Snack time!

Plie... Saute...

(that's plee-yay... so-tay for the ballet illiterate... or bal-ay illiterate)

Chasse... chasse
(shaw-say shaw-say)
(sorry about the photo quality)

Twirling... Evie's favorite part. The reason she is in dance class.

And the pose. Evie is behind the girl on the right who is supposed to be sitting down. You can see her cute little arms sticking right out where they are supposed to be. I wonder if she's smiling. I guess I'll never know.

The whole class. And the thing that I love about this picture is that you can see each girl's exact personality. What a crazy class! They sure kept that teacher running.

Her trophy and flowers. The most exciting part of the day!

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