Wednesday, May 28, 2008

First of Many

She did it! Graduation! Finally! School's out forever! Oh, no wait. School's out for summer...
Evie had preschool graduation. Or should I say preschool presentation... with a graduation hat. She'll be in preschool again next year (even though she can read, but don't get me started), so this wasn't really celebrating any kind of milestone, but it sure was fun! And really who says going to Kindergarten is a milestone anyway?

Our little munchkin... growing up fast!

These kids were cracking me up!

Check out how excited Evie is.

She was a little more into the program after she received the Cutest Cheeks award.

Well, Congratulations Evie! You did great singing Little Red Caboose and The Itsy Bitsy Spider! Keep up the great work! It's not much different in high school.
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Starley Family said...

I love that she got Cutest Cheeks! They already have the class dubbed! She really does have the cutest cheeks!