Tuesday, April 01, 2008


I love cupcakes!
And guess what! It's Cupcake Week on Martha Stewart! Perfect timing Martha! Thanks! (and thanks Amy for the tip) If you don't watch tv during the day, like I don't, then you can still find the cupcake of the day, and other fun cupcake things on her website. I think I'm going to try the hi hats next.
So, if you can't tell, I am jumping onto the cupcake bandwagon. For now, at least. I work in phases. And I promise not to get too involved. It's just a minor interest, but it started with cupcake bakeries. I've been totally intrigued by cupcake bakeries. The idea of a entire bakery that bases success on little individual, adorably decorated, gourmet cakes is fascinating. I just want to see one (and take pictures of it, because it's bound to be adorable too). I keep looking for them whenever I take a trip, but I've only found regular bakeries, like Mad Hatter's, which I am also developing an affection for - an affection that may be a little more permanent than cupcakes.
Last week on our way down south, we stopped at a location in Olney that The Baltimore Cupcake Company had listed on their website. We timed it just right to arrive about 10 minutes before closing (bakeries usually have better selection earlier in the day, but that was the earliest we could get there). I was disappointed to find that it wasn't a bakery at all. Well, maybe there was a bakery hiding somewhere on the premises, but I think it's more likely that the cupcakes are delivered daily. It was more like a big pink novelty/paper/gift shop. It's called Open Invitation, and it was pretty adorable, and I'd like to go back sometime, but it wasn't a cupcake bakery. I could sense the discomfort emanating off of Dave, being surrounded by so much pink, so we went straight to the minimal selection of cupcakes they had, already packaged into containers of two or six, and made a decision. We didn't even ask the flavors until after we had paid the $18 for half a dozen. We got two vanilla cupcakes with Mermaid Margarita frosting, two chocolate cupcakes with Bailey's Caramel Truffle frosting, and two chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting. The cupcakes were divine! So moist and delicious, they almost didn't need frosting, but for $3, I expected it to be a little bigger. The frosting itself was a little too... what?... crisco-y maybe? It was thick and dry with not a lot of flavor, and there was way too much. I didn't even eat half the frosting on the Bailey's, and only had a bite of the Mermaid frosting. The vanilla tasted a lot better, but I let the kids devour those ones. They didn't have any complaints.
So, do you think this is normal for a cupcake bakery? I have to admit, I was disappointed with the experience. I haven't given up hope though. There are several other "cupcake bakeries" around this area that I'd like to try. Also, I'm going to Utah this summer, so I'll be checking out So Cupcake in Salt Lake, and I'd still like to make a trip to New York and try Magnolia (among others) while we're there.
If you're looking for recipes aside from Martha, I found Magnolia's here through stephmodo, and these coconut cupcakes sound delicious too. They're on my list.
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Amelia said...

Okay, just reading this post made me SOOOOOO hungry! Somebody give this pregnant lady some cupcakes! QUICK!

The Bradley's said...

I want to go to Magnolia so bad! I guess we'll have to plan a girls trip. :)

Robinson Duo said...

You must be cooking like crazy! I cooked and baked a ton December through February. I baked more than I ever have. I have been taking a break from it and doing some quilting. Martha Stewart is great. I wish I could get her show here. I just printed off a recipe from her sight, "McCann's Fruit Crumble." I love oatmeal recipes and I have been craving fruit pies. This looks like a good combination.

Angela said...

I think I gained weight just reading this post. I don't actually like cupcakes or cake for that matter but I'm suddenly craving them. Thanks a lot Sjauna.