Tuesday, March 25, 2008

New and Egg-siting

This is Evie at our Easter lunch. We ate the types of foods that people would have eaten when/where Jesus was on the Earth, or at least our version of what we thought they would have eaten. It was a lot easier that the "traditional" Easter ham, etc. (do you think that tradition was started in spite of the Jews? mmmhhh....). Plus it was cheaper and I ate way less (had to save room for Eggs Benedict for dinner! yum!). Without any real research, we had figs, dates, grapes, oranges, nuts, cheese, a few different kinds of bread (none unleavened though - my excuse for that was that only the Jews had to eat unleavened bread, and since we aren't Jewish... am I way off base here?), and of course olives. Do you think biblical kids put their olives on their fingers too?
Oh, and I also had an artichoke, but the hungry masses didn't want to wait for it to cook.

The "biblical lunch" by candlelight and Eggs Benedict are both new for us (we've been eating breakfast for dinner on Sundays, and I thought Eggs Benedict would be an egg-siting Easter treat). There's definitely room for improvement (like maybe fish with lunch, or goat cheese instead of cheddar, and olives that don't come from a can), but we'll have to see if they stand the test of time to become traditions. What do you think?
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The Bradley's said...

That is such an awesome idea. And one that will mean more to them each year. I love how hard you worked to make Easter meaningful for your kids. I'm afraid I dropped the ball this year. I will definately be copying your ideas next year!

Lisa said...

Sjauna you need to get the mom of the year award! You are always doing great, creative, exciting things with your kids. Do you find all your ideas online? I love them!