Saturday, February 16, 2008

Three Spoons

Everyday for breakfast, the kids eat Cheerios. Honey Nut Cheerios. With a Gummi Vite and a banana. They'll do this for probably 4-6 weeks like they did with the oatmeal last month - with waffles, cranberry scones, or pumpkin muffins thrown in here and there to satisfy my internal variety meter. Owen has been choosing his own spoon this week, and every day, without fail, he goes for the biggest spoon in the drawer (good thing the mixing spoons are not in that drawer).
This was today's progression.

He started with the biggest one. After skimming off the top layer of Cheerios, the increasing amount of milk he was spilling all over the table started bothering him. I gave him a smaller spoon, which satisfied him through the next layer of Cheerios, and then he asked for a smaller spoon. He was getting the hang of things.
And then for those few stubborn Cheerios always left swimming in the bowl full of milk...

Nothing beats the dexterity of a thumb and a finger.
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Sarah Jackson said...

Will always goes for the biggest spoon too and he can reach the mixing spoons so he often uses those ones. Crazy kids!