Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Ultimate Retail-Driven Holiday Day!

Nothing says 'I love you' like some calories in a heart-shaped box, a silly card that I won't know what to do with tomorrow, wilting flowers that were grown in some far away greenhouse in the middle of winter, and waiting three hours to eat a normally $25 meal for $5o with the rest of the world and their 'sweethearts'. No, (and I have to insert here that I would and do appreciate any romantic gesture, even if - perish the thought - it happens to occur on February 14th.) 'I love you' to me is a nice restaurant, alone with my love, in a quiet booth on a Tuesday evening; fresh cut flowers, because when he saw them, he thought of me; a phone call or a note, just to say 'I love you'; and most of all, when I bring home a bunch of treats for him from a Valentine's shindig we went to this morning (thanks Sarah) and tell him on his way out the door that they will all be gone before he comes home (because after all, I am babysitting an extra child 24 hours a day for these seven days, and I really do deserve to eat them all by myself...), and he says, "That's totally fine." That, my dears, is 'I love you.' (Oh yeah, and a surprise trip to Italy for our anniversary, if you're reading this honey. That really says 'I love you'.)

Anyway, as I said, we went to a Valentine's shindig this morning. I hadn't been planning anything for the big day, due to the extra responsibilities of afore-mentioned extra mouth and two hands we have around this week, but I was inspired, so we came home and made some nifty little heart baskets (thanks again to Family Fun) and some Valentine's. Hey, just because I think that Hershey and Mars are trying to convince me that my husband doesn't love me if he doesn't invest in their stock, doesn't mean that I don't love crafting, snacking, and a great excuse for partying (especially in February)!

Working hard!

I forgot it was Valentine's Day today, so forgive me for the lack of pink and red clothing.

Yes, this is on the top of our laptop. Thank goodness glue is glue and not paint. AND thank goodness I had closed the computer.
And the culprit... (any guesses?)

Yep. He might as well keep some snacks, juice boxes, and extra diapers over there, he's been spending so much time in time out. He got into my make up three times this week. I don't know what makes me more mad, the fact that he keeps doing it, or that I haven't just moved it.

Happy Valentine's Day!

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