Sunday, January 06, 2008

Wii Update

So, now I remember why when I was a kid, I always preferred to play video games by myself (and when I say video games, I mean Mario Kart).... I am SO bad at video games. I just am. Everyone always beat me when I was younger. I mean, I guess if I would have spent hours "practicing" and trying to convince my Mom that is was good for hand eye coordination, so I didn't have to turn it off to go to bed and reading up on all the new codes (you know who you are), I maybe would have been able to beat my competitors. Instead I opted for playing "the computer" who would at least give me a fighting chance. And now we have a Wii. It probably doesn't help that Dave, who is naturally good at everything he does, is my opponent. We have two discs of games - the Wii Sports disc that came with the set and the Wii Play disc that came with the extra controller (yes, you have to buy a second controller), and at $50 each, we probably won't be getting anymore for a while, especially when the library has several games we can borrow for $0 (and especially, because we only ever wanted it for the sports games anyway). The Wii Sports are actually really fun to play (and really great exercise for someone who otherwise gets zero exercise - me) AND I can compete with Dave. Mostly because neither of us have really figured out exactly how to play it (and partly because I can play tennis in real life). The Wii Play on the other hand is more of what I would classify as video games and Dave wins every time. It's really great.

Evie can play some of the games - tennis, baseball, and she is really good at fishing. Fortunately, she is only mildly interested and only wants to play when someone will play with her.
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Anonymous said...

Easton is totally and utterly obsessed with Wii. I made the mistake of mentioning that you have one to Briggs, right in front of him. Don't be surprised if he randomly shows up at your house, ready to play.

Callie and Grant Lippard said...

I want to see what your "mii" looks like.

Sjauna said...

Oh, it's hot. Rest assured.