Thursday, December 13, 2007

Sanitation Engineer

I think somewhere in our hard drive shuffle, I misplaced a photo I had of Owen after he had wrapped a cord around the nob on a dresser and figured out that he could pull the cord to open the drawer. Once he had done it, he looked around, so excited, to see of anyone had seen him figure this out. Of course I congratulated him. What an engineer.
And then there are other types of engineers...
Our kids love to play hide and seek. Owen finds our pantry (/storage room/other random space) good for two things - hiding and trying to get food. The other day he was in there with the door closed. I knew he must be hiding, because with the door closed, it's too dark to see any food. Occasionally the door would open for a second and then close. I thought it was him just trying to remind us that he was hiding in there and to come find him. When I finally went to "find" him, this is what I found.

Yes, that is the last piece of my birthday cake in the trash and... on his face. He had been opening the door, just long enough to swipe a finger full at a time. Thankfully, I had just thrown it away, it was still in the box, and just on top of the chocolate chip wrapper. Whew.
Definitely an engineer.
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The Bradley's said...

That's hilarious! Jacob is a "dumpster diver" too. That's actually the main reason I want a kiddy-lock on the pantry. Ick.