Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Christmas Eve 2007

Christmas Eve day was such a nice day! I think it was in the low 40's and sunny! After a lazy morning, we all got bundled up and headed to the park to take advantage of the sun and get in some good family time. We ran around, swinged, slided, played red-light-green-light-tag, hide and seek; we even did flips around the low bar. I think the last time I did that was 4th grade. Then we explored a little trail with lots of bridges and discovered a really cool bunch of exposed tree roots and learned a little about tree bark. It was a lot of fun - so good to run around, and I'm sure the sun has been around lately - I mean, it's not like we live in the north pole, but for some reason we just haven't seen it, and it felt really good yesterday!

Dad thought it would be nice to sunbathe a little - not for long!

In the evening we were invited to some friends for their traditional hot dog/cracker/cheese/fruit dinner and some caroling. That was a lot of fun, too. They had a fireplace to cook the hot dogs. I think it was probably 4th grade the last time I sat by a real fire place too (at least in a house). We had yummy home made grape juice and were treated to some impressive piano and violin music (always good to motivate the kids - Evie says she wants to start with the piano).
And of course, when we got home, there were presents under the tree - new pajamas - well, for the kids at least. I opted not to wrap my candy cane pajama pants for the third year in a row.

Here is our tree post ornaments. I took off the ornaments on Friday and put some ribbon on and let me tell you - it is so much nicer. The kids don't show much interest and I don't have to put all the ornaments away after Christmas. If we didn't have so many sentimental ornaments, I would decorate this way every year.
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