Sunday, October 28, 2007

Coming and Going

Where do I start? I'll try to keep this in a nutshell. My younger brother, Andrew has been on a mission in for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in the New Jersey, Cherry Hill area of this wide world that we live in for the last two years (yes, we went to visit him twice - with permission from "Prez", of course). His two year service wound down and came to a semi-abrupt halt on October 17th (Happy Birthday Mom!). With my Mom and James in town, we headed up to New Jersey to save him from a flight home with all his mission buddies and subject him instead to a week with us... dun dun dun. He actually stayed in NJ and took my mom and James around to meet some people and tour the "mish" (and a little outside the "mish" to Philadelphia and New York) before coming down to see us. We showed him a grand ole' time and a little of our nation's capitol before sending him on his merry way (n. 1.back into the world; 2. to the wolves; 3. home). We were glad that James was able to come out too, because he is preparing for his mission, and we may not be able to see him at home before he goes. There is probably about a 50% chance that he will be called to serve in an area that we can visit though, so look forward to pictures from that.

The last time Andrew saw Owen, he was only a few months old.

A Mom and her missionary.

A Mom and her... two missionaries?

Welcome home Andrew and good luck James!
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