Tuesday, October 09, 2007

And So It Begins...

The drama? Not quite. The first day of school. Well, judging from the pictures it could be drama school, but no, that's just Evie. Evie with absolutely zero coaching. I promise. Well, technically I was trying to coach a smile out of her, and this was what I got. Hopefully the drama is at least a few years away.

So, as if turning four and growing up wasn't enough, Evie has picked up and gone off to school. Well, just preschool three days a week, and she loves it. Evie gravitates towards adults and teenagers. I think it has something to do with the fact that they don't ask her to share, but who knows... Anyway the great thing about this preschool that she is going to, is that she gets her very own teenager every day! We signed her up at the local high school where they have some sort of class for early childhood education or something and the high school students (with the help of the teacher) pretty much run a preschool program. Each preschool student has a "special friend" that picks them up at the car and brings them out after class, and pretty much just helps them out through the day. Well, apparently Evie has made friends with several of them, because being the pushy mother that I am, I always try to get her to talk to the other kids, and yet, every day as we are leaving, who is waving good-bye? All of the other kids? No, all of their special friends!
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