Sunday, September 02, 2007

Forms of Cricket

Test, One Day, Twenty20, and First Class are all forms of Cricket. Disgusting is usually the only form of cricket we ever come across, but we came across a new one today - Hilarious! I stayed home from church with Owen who has a lingering runny nose, and when Evie came home with Dave, she first walked in all casual and then just mentions that she has a cricket in her pocket. This is Evie who is terrified (to put it lightly) of bugs. So, I look at Dave hesitatingly, thinking it's something from church, and when he looked confused, I got a little more apprehensive, and then she pulls THIS! out of her pocket:

What the?!
I secretly freaked out (I'm not allowed to act scared of bugs in front of the kids) and looked at Dave for some support, but he was NO help. He looked as surprised as I was. It turns out it was a toy that she found at church (don't ask me how she ever got the guts to find out if it was real) and she freaked Dave out on the way home. Then she told him she wanted to scare me, so he played along. Nice. Silly girl. I don't know where she gets these ideas. Silly silly girl.

(By the way, she said she found it on the floor, so if you know anyone missing a cricket, it will be back at church somewhere next week.)
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Aaron said...

Funny story. I'm actually more impressed with that photo you took. I gots to get me one of these SLR cameras. Sooooo nice!