Saturday, August 25, 2007

He Went to Jared!

...but he didn't buy.

So, with our crazy crazy summer, I realized today that I never gave Dave credit here on the blog for his post-worthy anniversary gift. I think most of you have already heard the story, so I'll make it quick. He took me on a date to Ruth's Chris (a la a gift card from his brother for Christmas), and by the way, I love a good steak! And while I'm on the subject, the best steaks I've ever had were at Ruth's Chris here in Baltimore, Lawry's The Prime Rib in Beverly Hills, and a great little bed and breakfast in northern California. Loved them! My least favorite? any Outback Steakhouse and GoodWood Barbecue Company (for our anniversary last year - I'm not kidding, that really is the name). If you like Outback, I recommend never trying these others, because you can never go back. So, anyway we plan this date to Ruth's Chris and then he says, "By the way, can this count for out anniversary?" Uh, yeah right? No, it didn't count! Not as an afterthought. It was a wonderful evening (with a dress code that thankfully they let slide since it was a slow night), but it was not our anniversary... that is until Dave pretended to reach for a tissue during an "allergy attack" and instead pulled out some diamond earrings to replace the pearl ones that he gave me for a wedding gift (that I recently lost - I'm telling you, the way to get new things is to "lose" the old ones). After that, we chilled at Barnes and Noble for a while and then grabbed some Cold Stone. It was a wonderful anniversary (number five, by the way, if you're counting).

But here is my favorite part of the story, that Dave reminded me of when we drove past Jared The Galleria of Jewelry today: While shopping for the earrings, he went there first. It was close to his work, and after all, they must have a catchy advertisement - it got you to read this post, didn't it? So, he goes in and finds some earrings and begins discussing the price, when the salesman say - no joke, "Oh we're like Saturn; we don't negotiate." Uh, Saturn? Now that's really reaching for the stars. So, he went to Jared,

...but he didn't buy.


Aaron said...

Neat story. Jayne and I had not heard that story. The best steak I've ever had (and probably ever will) was Bern's Steak House in Tampa Bay, FL. If you are ever in the area, you MUST go there. Ask me, and I'll tell you about it sometime. Anyways, we don't like Outback so we'd better try Ruth's Chris sometime. We actually really love Goodwood but have never had steak there, just the brisket and such.

Amelia said...

Dave gets 5 gold stars for that! What a good hubbie! 5 years and I got what?? Oh yeah, an iPod... iPod, diamonds.....hmmm...well it works for me! Can you believe 5 years ago we started off in the same ward??