Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Back to School, Back to School...

Ahhh, Billy Madison. Remember when that was funny? And remember when the "Class of 2000" sounded weird. Well, maybe that never sounded weird to some of you who graduated high school after the year 2000, but nevertheless "Welcome Class of 2011" sounds weird now. No doubt. And remember how fun those college football games were as a student, wearing lame Superfan t-shirts (which I never had, but sometimes secretly wished that I did) and sitting behind the goal posts with an entire pizza in a box. Ahhhh, college days. Not that I ever went to college. Well, technically I did take some classes, but technically I'm also still a Freshman. That didn't stop me from participating in all the good old fun though. In fact,
looking back, that was probably the best way to do college - all the fun, and none of the work (unless you count the double shifts at Olive Garden). Dave apparently liked the work part, since he finished all four (plus) years of his Bachelors degree and is now, in an effort to make himself more marketable (to employers - he's at the top of the meat market as far as I'm concerned), going back for a graduate certificate somewhere in the field of technology (which judging by his habits and hobbies since we've been married, should have probably been his major to begin with). So... Johns Hopkins here we come! Go... Blue Jays? Mhh... That's okay. I don't imagine us frequenting the student seats of the lacrosse games anyways.

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