Friday, August 24, 2007

Aloha and Aloha (or Hello and Good-Bye)

Good bye Aloha State and hello.... what's Maryland? hold on, I'm going to check....
Okay, good-bye Aloha State, hello Old Line State (yeah, now you know why I didn't know). Well, we spent some time in Hawaii this summer, and last Saturday, we said our final mahalo and hopped aboard over ten hours of flying (well, except for Dave - he's in another post) out of the breezy, sunny, 80 degree near perfect weather and into... well, 75 degree, overcast, near perfect weather. The hardest thing about coming home? The jet lag. Which actually hasn't been too bad, since the kids slept in past ten the first couple of days. Now that we're getting over that, we can finally finish unpacking.

So, here was our list of favorites from this trip to Hawaii:


pineapple everyday

palm trees

kua'aina burgers

matsumotos shave (not shaved) ice

haliewa eats (thai food)

waimea for swimming

lanikai for scenery


field trip friends



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Jayne said...

I bet it is really hard to come back after an awesome summer in Hawaii. But I am glad you are back.

Amelia said...

I'm so glad you're home!! We need to ALL go to Hawaii sometime...let's get the boys on top of that...ahh, our tax dollars at work!