Saturday, July 07, 2007

Aloha Oe

On the way to Hawaii, the kids and I made a pit stop in Utah and dropped Evie off with her Schorr grandparents. They took all the potty-trained cousins that wanted to go (and could get there) (seven total) up to Park City for... dun dun dun Cousins Camp! Evie had a blast and then got to fly with her grandparents to come see us in Hawaii!!! Yay! We were so excited to see her!

We brought her home a lei from the Polynesian Cultural Center and we got her a ukelele at the swap meet. Next thing you know, she'll be surfing.

I signed up to take the kids on these "ed-venture" field trips around the island. At the first one, they learned a kneeling hula. Here Evie is demonstrating a fish.

Her first day at the beach (well, the grassy part next to the beach down at our lagoons).
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Amelia said...

AHHH! I wish I was there!! You're killing me with the super cute pictures and crazy stories! We miss you guys!