Sunday, April 08, 2007

Water Water Everywhere!

Owen has definitely been keeping me in shape lately. I find myself not walking, but running often to see what fun thing he has decided to experiment with next. He has developed a special affinity toward water play. I have taken him to the Science Center a couple of times in the last couple of weeks where he has rediscovered water as a play thing. As you may recall from my earlier posts, the Baltimore Science Center has a really cool kids only room with a really huge/cool/fun water table that the kids love to play at. Owen has only recently grown tall enough to really get into the water table, and when I say get into... well, I was sitting and chatting with another Mom, and I looked over to see Owen's back perpendicular to the water table and at an unusual height. I knew immediately what was about to take place, so I dashed around the millions of splashing children in slow motion (insert your favorite superhero slow motion theme song here), but to no avail. I reached Owen just after he had climbed into the water table on his knees (in his warm up pants on a cold day) and then stood up (in his tennis shoes). It was really very entertaining for all parties involved, especially the ones watching.
Since this rediscovery, Owen's repertoire has expanded to include filling and emptying any dishes in the kitchen sink, dirty or clean, while I am attempting to wash his hands and face, the bathtub (which faucet he can turn on by himself) with or without clothes, and any other bowls in the bathroom that are always full of water (that one is quickly turning into a favorite, as it is so easily accesible).
I don't have any pictures of Owen with water yet, but here are some cute pictures of him finding new uses for an angel food cake pan.

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