Monday, March 05, 2007

The Tournament

Tenacious D won their first tournament game! It was a really good game! Some of my favorite points were: the other guys were bigger and very talented, the refs were great (I thought), there was little if any foul trouble, Dave played excellent defense - getting tons of rebounds, defensive, and offensive - and my favorite part: we were down by three with one minute left, but pulled ahead and won by three (I think it was three)! So, all their hard work has paid off. Dave will have one more tournament game to play in. If the team wins that one, they go to the finals, but because of a change in schedule, three of the eight members of the team will be out of town for the tournament game, including Dave. Sad. It's all just for fun though, right?
To wrap up the end of the season, Jacob and Ashley hosted a party at their place, in their parents 1800's mansion (they live in a converted barn on the same property). The kids got to see all the pregnant mares, and brand new colts, which maybe was more exciting for me. I thought they were beautiful. Then we had tons of yummy not-your-regular-potluck food, and took turns keeping an eye on the kids way up on the top floor playroom while the girls hung out in the library, and the boys talked basketball in the formal dining room. It was a lot of fun. I love the character of old homes. I would love to live in one, even if I had to fix it up. I just have this thing about bugs...

A very serious half-time.
Tyler, Briggs, Billy, Adam, Josh, Clint's little headband, Jake, and Dave

Here's what all the wives do during the game. I think you can see five of us in this shot, and how many watching? haha We usually start out all together and watching the game, but as the kids migrate, we have to follow.
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