Sunday, February 11, 2007

Ring Around the Rosies

I always thought that Ring Around the Rosies was made up, along with many other nursery rhymes, as a code to sing about "a revolution, or something", so I always thought it was funny that the kids sing it in nursery at church. Well, come to find out... I was way off. I know, that never happens. I guess the legend is that this nursery rhyme was about the Black Plague, not a revolution, but depending on who you believe - that isn't even the case. According to some historians, Ring Around the Rosies could not have been about the Black (or bubonic) Plague, due to several reasons (which I will not enumerate), but is more likely to have come from a time when dancing was banned widely by Protestants, and the children (as children do), found alternatives - one of them may have been Ring Around the Rosies. SO, I'm not sure if I would rather believe my children are singing and dancing to a rhyme about a revolution, a plague, or bunch of disobedient teenagers, but either way, they seem to love it...
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