Sunday, February 11, 2007

Grandpa and Grandma Schorr

Last week we were priveliged to get a visit from Dave's parents. Dave's Dad had a conference in DC, so his Mom came out too, and they extended their trip, so we could hang out for a few days. Unfortunately our winter has been saving up all of those extra cold days, and dropped them all while they were here, so we didn't get out to do much, but we still had fun. The things we did get to go see were Dave's basketball game (they won by two points), Hershey, PA (see below), The Dobbin House (right on the way home from Hershey, and Mom and Dad's favorite place to eat in Gettysburg - it's really cool, you should check it out), and Ikea. Grandma also got to come to Evie's dance class, but mostly we just hung out, cooked, and ate. We did have some books we wanted to give them for their birthdays next month, so we made them celebrate early, so they could open them, and Mom was able to finish her's before she left! The kids had a lot of fun wearing Grandma out right when she got here.
Hee hee.
Grandpa's legs made a fun slide.
The camera didn't catch it the first time, so Dad's doing a little faking on blowing out the candle on the birthday strawberry shortcake.
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