Sunday, January 14, 2007

Scripture Power

Last Sunday was Evie's first day in Sunbeams and Owen's first day in nursery at church. We wanted Evie to be excited about Sunbeams, so I made her this little scripture tote for her Book of Mormon to take to class. It turns out she was excited about Sunbeams anyway. She loved singing time, and having the whole primary sing the Hello Song to her and her friends. She had goldfish snacks and got to color. She liked her teachers and her new scripture bag. So, all around it was a good experience with or without the new scripture bag, but now she has one, and now I know how to make one. :)
Owen had a great time in nursery, too. For the past couple of months, he has loved wandering the halls terrorizing all of the sunday school classes he can get into, so I was a little worried that he would feel trapped in nursery and want to go out and run around(I wasn't worried at all that he would care that I wasn't there). I had to sit in as a sub for the first hour anyway, so I hung out with him, and as it turns out, there is plenty to keep him busy, so hopefully it is something he will look forward to every week. I know I am looking forward to it.
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