Monday, December 25, 2006

When Mom Leaves Town...

Cheeto-Milk and cheesy faces, that's what you get when Mom leaves town.
My Mom had surgery almost two weeks ago, so with some prodding from Dave I took a short hiatus from my regular job and left the kids with him to go out and hang out with her. I got to see loved ones and help out my Mom, the kids had fun, and Dave learned a lot. :) Dave actually had a good time, too.
My trip started out with a three hour delay (which was almost a cancellation) due to fog and ended with a three hour delay due to wind, but don't worry I still made my connection in Phoenix, because that flight was delayed, too due to some reason I don't know. In between I experienced everything from warm sun, light to pouring rain, and even a light snow. The weather hindered my driving a bit, but I was still able to run errands for my Mom and drive with James down to San Diego to the Snyder Family Christmas party (held purposely while I was in town, I was assured :). I also got to spend some time with Aaron (my brother) and Melissa, which is good, because Melissa is going to be joining the family soon (she makes really good eggs bendict, too, by the way), and Callie picked me up from the airport and dropped me off, giving us a little bit of a chance to catch up (I haven't seen her since before we left Utah over two years ago). Her wedding date has been set for April 28th. So the trip was busy, but it was great to see everyone, and great to get home to my cheesy family.
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