Monday, December 25, 2006

The Discovery

This was the first year Evelynn was really old enough to actually understand the concept of "Santa", so that was kind of fun. We didn't really talk much about him until bedtime last night when we set out some cookies, but she was pretty amazed that the cookies were gone this morning and there were a bunch of presents under the tree,... wherever they came from.Evelynn has an obvious excitement about her destination, while Owen has just hit the ground running in that direction with a general observance investigating whether or not these new things may contain food and if they are going to delay his breakfast.
Beside herself.
Santa ate the cookies!!! He ate the cookies!!! (he likes gingersnaps I guess)
And there are all these presents! Yayayay!

Evie has also been learning a few letters (thanks to, so she was able to help pass out the gifts. She knows E, O, D, and M, or at least she could narrow it down to one of the four of us. That was exciting for me. She is really growing up!
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