Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Cranium Cariboo Review

We got a Target gift card for Christmas, and decide we wanted to get a family game with it. After much thought and deliberation, we chose Cranium Cariboo. It is sooo fun! AND Evelynn can play it! Well, I think the game is mostly fun for Evelynn, and the watching Evelynn is fun for us. Here's a short synopsis: There are six little balls hiding behind various doors, each door with a color, a shape, and a number on it. Each person takes turns picking a card that has either a color, a shape, or a number on it. The person then locates a door with the corresponding information and opens it with a "key". If there is a ball behind the door, they get to place it in the queue. Once the queue is full, a small treasure chest opens containing the treasure! There is also a more advanced option which we haven't tried yet, but it has something to do with spelling words to match your card. So, go out and buy it today!
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