Wednesday, November 15, 2006

My Civic Duty

I voted! I felt very pleased this year that I actually knew something about the candidates and questions on the ballot and was able to give my vote. It was good practice for 2008, right? I have lived in Utah most of my voting age, where I have felt that the majority of the state would vote the way I wanted them too, so it didn't matter much if I didn't vote. I have now convinced myself, after teaching Cub Scouts, that it is important to vote, even if your vote may not count. We have a liberty, and should not take advantage or be unappreciative of it. It probably helps now that I live in such a divided state, and I feel like my vote really does make a difference. Anyway, I don't feel like I can complain if I don't vote - not that I ever complain anyway. :)
I also wanted to encourage other people to vote, so I had an "Election Day playgroup". A few moms came over and brought their kids and then took turns voting. Well, only one went to vote, the others all had other arrangments, but it was fun anyway. We don't have other kids over a lot, so it is good practice for my kids to learn to share their toys instead of just sharing everyone else's.

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