Sunday, October 15, 2006


Well, we've had another busy week... or at least we got a few things done. Dave has been trying to get some excercise through playing basketball, and the kids and I have been supporting that by going with him to the church once a week and running around while he shoots. I've been trying to teach Evie some sort of skill, like dribbling either a soccer or basketball, but she doesn't appear to be interested in either the balls or me, I'm not sure which. Owen is more interested in figuring out different ways to climb on top of the piano than anything else, so we spend half the time chasing him, and go home when we get tired of it.

We also went to Home Depot this week to pick up something for a project, and while walking past the "oops" paint, I picked up a (half) gallon. I had never really painted before, and I've always wanted to give it a shot, so we brought it home and I painted a wall that night while Dave was playing basketball. I really like it, and it may be something else that is going to take up time and money in my future. Yay!

Friday night Dave "dog-sat" for some friends of ours, and decided that he doesn't like dogs, further cementing my plans to never own one. Well, he will probably change his mind, but at least I can hold the instance against him. :)

Saturday, we went on a beautiful drive down to Virginia to help some other friends move ("What is this?" you say, "You have more friends?"). Jake goes to school with Dave and commutes over an hour to get there. I knew they rented a house, but what house I wondered could be worth a commute, when you don't even own it. To get there, we drove through miles and miles of rolling hills hugged by huge trees, fall leaves rustling in the crisp, clean breeze, some beginning to orange and redden. There was a neighborhood here and there and a few homes that reqired more privacy scattered along the way, but mostly mailboxes lined up to collect the mail for those who prefer to live up the road and over the hill from even just the two lane road we drove on. Eventually we came to their road, Featherbed Lane, which our map had warned us would be only partially paved. We drove down the rocky road and arrived at their home, a small white farmhouse built in 1910, perched on a hill between two small fields surrounded by trees, and looking out onto his father's horses grazing across the road. The inside of the home had so much character. It reminded me of the summer we lived at the old Schorr farm, but maybe not built quite as well. With small doors, crooked floors, and an old woodburning stove to keep things toasty, Dave helped move all the furniture out while I chased the kids all through the grass and leaves. It was beautiful, and so refreshing. I couldn't even imagine living in a place like that. It was vacation for me. No wonder why he commutes. After dropping the furniture from the upstairs through a second floor door without a balcony (or staircase), we packed up and headed back across the Maryland border to their parents farm. On this rolling three hundred acres, his parents grow corn, soybeans, and alfalfa, but mostly raise horses. We moved thier belongings from the horse trailer into the old barn, now converted into their apartment, again packed with character, including a staircase on one side that leads to no door, and another second floor door with no staircase. After a tour of the enourmous 1700's mansion that his parents now live in, we came back to 2006 and headed back down to Virginia to visit the Crains (You guessed it, more friends).

Our visit with Pete and Mika and their 6 month old twin girls was really nice. Pete is in his second year of four of evening law school while working in his fourth year as a full time paralegal for a law firm (I don't know which one.). Needless to say, this keeps him pretty busy and that leaves Mika home with the babies more than twelve hours a day! Wow! Can I ever complain again?

So, that was our week in review, and here are some picture of our Sunday afternoon/evening...

Owen's kisses.... he runs around like this going, "Mmmmmmmm..." and comes up like he is going to kiss you. As soon as you bend over he either turns his head so you kiss his cheek, or runs away. Playing hard to get. (Check out the fireman pajamas, James)

Owen, our little techie. His favorite activity of every day is this - finding any way possible to climb up and push buttons on the computer. How are you supposed to keep your computer in a common area when you have a one year old? That's what I want to know.

Here is Evie showing off our new green wall (she is vey excited about it) and her candy necklace that Pete and Mika gave her (which you can't really see, but she is also very excited about it).

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Jamie said...

Sjauna I enjoyed my glimpse of the Schorr life. It has inspired me. I would like to do this to. I would also like to finish the 4 scrapbooks I've started can we say procrastinator. Don't even know if I spelled that one right. It's time to get out the old scrabble board and brush up on my spelling skills. ha ha

aaron said...

im lovin owen's kissy face! he looks like he is crossing the finish line haha