Saturday, October 21, 2006

Low Sugar Diet

I was doing pretty well on a low sugar diet (I tried cutting out all sugar again, but went with low sugar instead this time) until we got Grandma and Grandpa Schorr's Halloween package. I just don't feel like the kids can appreciate Dove chocolates like I can, and I hate to throw them away. Judging by my lack of self control, I guess low sugar will have to wait until after Halloween... or Thanksgiving... or maybe Christmas. Then there's always Valentine's Day. Wait, what was bad about sugar again? No, seriously I do feel way better when I don't eat sugar, er when I eat less sugar. I guess I just have to decide if the results are worth the hard work (and believe me, it is hard work for me).
The kids do appreciate the Dove chocolates by the way AND the coloring books.

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