Sunday, October 01, 2006

It's Up to You! New York! Ne-ew Yooorrrrrrrrk!!!

We had an amazing time in New York! We didn't get to see half the things we wanted to, but we still really enjoyed the trip. Maybe it was just the break from daily life that we enjoyed the most... who know? We always love new adventures!
This was a view from the top of our double decker tour bus of the Empire State building and Macy's, with 1.2 million square feet of shopping and the original wooden escalators. Wouldn't that be something to see!
We parked and took the Staten Island Ferry into the city with plans to use the subway to get around. It's a good thing we did, too. The traffic was even frustrating from our tour bus.

Here she is, Lady Liberty, in all her glory. This was the view from our ferry (our moving ferry, hence the off center photo). It was actually really interesting for me to see her. She was much smaller than I thought, but provoked feelings of humility and thankfulness for my forebears (?) that I never expected. It reminded me of all that the pioneers of our country and our faith have gone through and how blessed I am to enjoy the fruits of it... well, I guess I can't exactly put into words how it made me feel, but you get the jist of it, right? What a great artist to create that (and probably years of propaganda, right :)

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