Monday, March 04, 2013

Hi Friends

I miss you. And I've been thinking a lot about you lately. I've got a lot to tell you! We left Moscow last June, and went back to the States for a little while before turning around to a new post in...

Moscow, Russia!
Just kidding, just kidding,
We live in Kiev, Ukraine now!

See, here we are (minus me) on New Year's Day somewhere in the center of the city (Neil is in the "sleeping bag").
I associate this place with the names Maiden (pronounced may-don), Independence Square, and Kreshatyk.
We have been here five months, and have done, oh about zero sightseeing. Maybe a tiny bit. Maybe when the weather warms up a little more... but for now, we are busy with the real life of having four children in a foreign country. A foreign country in which Dave proclaims daily "You are not allowed to call yourself a civilized country with roads like this!"
So, don't forget me! I'll write again soon!